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27 Elm Grove
Hayling Island
PO11 9EA
023 92 414365

Opening Hours
Mon - Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday - 9am -1pm


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18A Elm Grove
Hayling Island
PO11 9EF
023 92 414365

Opening Hours

Mon - Friday 9am - 3pm
Saturday - 9am - 1pm

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Mon - Fri 9:00am - 12:00pm

023 92 464730

All other enquires
Mon - Fri 9.00am - 4.45pm 

Registered Charity No: 1197042



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Hospital Transport

Do you live on Hayling? Are you finding it difficult to get to a hospital or doctor's appointment.

We may be able to help.

Call 92464730

Can you help?

Do you have some spare time ?

Do you enjoy driving ?

Would you like to be more involved in your local community?

Why not become a volunteer driver?

Some of the benefits of volunteering include:
•meeting new people
•making friends
•keeping active
•making a real difference

You should not be out of pocket, volunteer car drivers are paid a mileage rate

Could you help in our Shop or Cafe or as a dog walker, a befriender. 
So many good causes to get involved in.


Hayling Voluntary Services  is a non-profit Good Neighbours Group whose volunteers help people living on Hayling Island. We try to provide:


Hospital Transport
GP Transport
Veterans Support



Veterans Group

Please ring HVS office for details 02392 414365

Passengers are asked to make a contribution towards any motoring costs depending on mileage. Current rates are available here.



As impossible as it seems a lot of our older residents live a life without visitors, friends or relatives calling in for a chat, seeing how they are, checking to see that they are ok. Imagine sitting in the window watching the world go by, knowing no one is going to call, no one is going to visit . Sometimes the postman may rattle the letterbox, but that's it and that's the very sad reality .


 A Hayling Voluntary Services Befriender (who has been thoroughly vetted, police checked etc) will spend an hour of quality time with their "Friend" maybe enjoying a cup of tea, listening to tales of years gone by, perhaps taking a stroll or basically doing what friends do together. It's a simple act of human kindness . 


Social prescribing enables GPs, nurses and other primary care professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services to support their health and wellbeing. The Hayling Health Centre is recommending our Seniors Club as place to come to for your support.


HVS has been at the forefront of this service. Offering support and care to groups of like minded people who are experiencing the same illness, injuries and concerns. It is now a tried and tested method of getting people out and talking about how they are feeling, their improvements and knowing that they are not alone on their journey back to good health.

Social Prescribing


We are a lively and active organisation which makes a real difference to the lives of many on Hayling Island. In 2021 - 2022 we carried out over 4,719 tasks including, taking people to hospital, health centre and dental appointments, social prescribing with our various home grown support groups. 


Around 50 people from all walks of life volunteer in various capacities, volunteer as hospital drivers, in our busy office and helping in varying roles with the many support groups we run...


We are always so pleased when new volounteers join our happy group , they make such a difference to the lives of so many ...

We have a team who oversee things and are always on the lookout for good ideas and ways to improve our services.

Summer Dresses

Our History

As we have been around a while, some of our history is lost in the mists of time, but here is what we do know.

40 years ago, Dr Stratford (then a GP with The Elms) realised there was a very great need for voluntary transport aiding patients to get to their medical appointments. Along with a wonderful lady, Belinda New, they set up HVS in portacabin on The Legion Field, sharing it with The Red Cross.


Happily, they worked for the benefit of the Hayling Community for almost a year until the portacabin was burnt out by vandals.


The Health Centre was relatively new and a few rooms were still vacant so Dr Stratford moved both HVS and The Red Cross into the Health Centre. HVS was allocated a small room just inside the entrance, affectionately known as “The Broom Cupboard'.


Back to the past....  Belinda had by then a change of circumstances and the day to day running of HVS passed on to Peggy Howarth who rocked the cradle for years.


Several times the organisation almost sunk, but Peggy was a formidable force and she stuck by her guns keeping things ticking over. Peggy eventually retired, but up until she passed away, she would still pop in to check that things were still in order and going well.

In 2009, HVS joined The Good Neighbours Network (GNN), part of the Diocese of Southampton and Portsmouth. They provide much needed support and we have never looked back.


We have very strong ties with GNN, with their amazing team Canon Nick Ralph and Karen Jordan, who are always there for us in times of need. HVS Committees have come and gone, some very strong leaders put their hearts and souls into the work. A special mention to former chairmen; Rob Hack and Mike Brown for their contributions. 


We cannot forget to mention our very strongest supporter, former Councillor Andy Lengahan, who has done so much over the years for HVS.


 Today, HVS has around 50 volunteers and the demand for HVS services continues to grow. HVS took over the running of the Health Centre Community desk early in 2017 after the NHS closed it until February 2022.

Our work is busy, it’s rewarding and no two days are ever the same. We have become a huge part of the community. We try to support other local charities by fund raising for various good causes.  


We currently have 19 volunteer drivers, some do a trip a month, 5 work almost every day, but we never have enough. Drivers’ mileage is paid for from the voluntary contributions that clients give us, but none of our team are paid, our time is given absolutely free of charge.  We continue to grow and the demand for our help increases, its a busy organisation. 

We have forged a very close relationship with both of our Medical Practices, Elms and Waterside in our Health Centre and we are also working with Emsworth Surgery.  All 3 practices are joint partners working with Social Prescribing in our Communities.





I.T. Lessons

Crochet Classes

Book Club

Games Afternoon

Pop in to find out whats happening.

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.Enjoy a Barista Coffee.

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Transport to Hospital or Health Centre



If you need help getting to an appointment at the Health Centre or Hospital, contact us as soon as you can. Our drivers need as much notice as possible as they are busy volunteers and are often booked up weeks in advance.


We will ask you many questions, so please be patient with us as it is important for us to know how mobile you are and whether you have any medical conditions we should be aware of. We will check if you are taking a friend along to your appointment and will usually also ask for an emergency contact name and phone number in case for any reason you become unwell while you are with us.

We will record details of your appointment, date, time and department if it is a hospital and take a number to contact you. We will then try to contact our volunteer drivers to see if one of them is able to take you.

When we have found a driver for you we will let you know their name and the time that they will pick you up.


We ask for a contribution to cover the drivers' expenses, your driver will have a small brown envelope in the car for you to put your donation in. Suggested donations for different destinations are shown. The drivers are usually happy to wait while you are at your appointment and bring you home again, but if your appointment takes a very long time, then the driver may not be able to wait and may need to make two trips to the hospital so the expected donation will be greater. Feel free to ask when you request your trip.

All our drivers have been DBS checked to make sure that they are safe to work with vulnerable groups.

Volunteer Drivers who do trips over 30 miles and/or are waiting for over 3 hours can claim £10 per trip for refreshments if breakfast or dinner falls during the wait.  Please remember to submit receipts.

Donations are based on the return journey from the furthest points in Hayling Island, using information researched from the AA Route Planner.

Mileage will be reimbursed at the rate of 50p per mile.















Gosport Memorial Hospital


Guildhall Walk Portsmouth


Havant Spire Hospital

£15    *£25

Havant inc. Oak Park Clinic


Health Centre South of Stoke PO.


Health Centre North of Stoke PO.


Paulsgrove Healthy Living Centre




Port Solent


Purbrook Rowans Hospice


Queen Alexandra Hospital

£20    *£40

St Mary's Hospital

£20    *£40



Widley Physio


Unlisted Trips

.£1 per mile

* Double trip if necessary




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Where are we?

Find Us
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Data Protection

Data Protection


Your personal information – what is it? Personal information (personal data) is anything that can identify an individual. The processing of personal information is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR).


Who are we? The Hayling Voluntary Service Group is part of the Good Neighbours Network that comprises over 120 Good Neighbours groups across Hampshire. We support people who need help in their local community. Our group is the data controller with responsibility for processing this personal information.


How does our Group process your personal information? The group complies with our obligations under GDPR by keeping your personal information up to date; by storing and destroying it securely either manually or electronically; by not collecting or retaining excessive amounts of personal information; by protecting personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access and disclosure and by ensuring that processes are in place to protect your personal information.


What is the legitimate interest (lawful basis) for processing your personal information? The group processes your personal information so that we can help you with the offered group activity.


Sharing your personal information Your personal information will be treated as confidential by the group and will only be shared with other group members, so that our Group can undertake it’s activities in the community. There may be instances where we share your personal details with a voluntary organisation or public authority for referral or signposting purposes or if there is a safeguarding issue. We will only share your personal information with third parties outside of the group with your permission.   


How long do we keep your personal information? The group will keep your personal information for  as long as you are part of the group.  


Your rights and your personal information   Unless subject to an exemption under the GDPR, you have the following rights with respect to your personal information:

  • The right to request a copy of personal information that the GNN holds about you

  • The right to request personal information found to be inaccurate/out of date is corrected

  • The right to request your personal information is erased where it is no longer necessary for the group to retain such data

  • The right to withdraw your consent to the processing at any time

  • The right to request that the group provides you with your personal information

  • The right where there is a dispute in relation to the accuracy or processing of your personal information, to request a restriction is placed on further processing

  • The right to object to the processing of personal information (where applicable)

  • The right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office


Contact Details To exercise your individual rights under the GDPR, or to get in touch with us with any queries or complaints, please contact the Hayling Voluntary Services Group  on 02392 46414365 or email us Alternatively, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office on 0303 123 1113.

What New

Whats New

We wanted to thank everyone who has helped the Charities close to our community.

Hayling Voluntary Service - here to help.

We would really appreciate your support, no matter how small, every penny helps us immensely.


Thank you



Whistler's Fish and Chips Hayling have kindly added Invisible Chips to their menu.  When you order your dinner, you can now order a portion of invisible chips for £2.  That £2 will come directly to HVS to support our charity, with a focus on our minibus.  Please note that you will not receive anything for your £2 donation, other than the satisfaction of helping us to help the community.

June Challenge - Bush Tucker

Lin Green, Mavis McDonnell and Dwayne McKenzie completed their own bush tucker trial to raise funds for the minibus which has now been purchased and due to be with us in September (thanks to HVR).  This challenge took place on 18th June at the Hayling Health Centre. Kara Saunders was our cook and chief tester. We raised £540, thank you Hayling.

Watch it all happening on our Media page. 

Lin Green Winner!

Thanks to Whistler's Fine Fish and Chips.  In lieu of their usual charity fund raising event on St. George's day, they asked for nominations for local key workers.  Thanks to all you wonderful people who nominated  Lin Green for her 'dedication and hard work in providing essential support to Hayling island's most vulnerable and elderly and even more so in this time of crisis.'  Lin has been rewarded with a fish and chip supper which in her usual pay-it-forward selfless fashion has requested that it be given to 2 of her volunteers who are home alone self isolating and 2 NHS workers that work alongside HVS.

Meals at Home

HVS launched meals on wheels on 5th April 2020 for the duration of the lock down period.  (Finished 5th July).

Now that we have our own kitchen in our Seniors Club, we are starting up again very shortly.


Cards 4 Occasions

Thanks to Cards 4 Occasions for your support. 10% of proceeds during lock down was donated to HVS. £100 in total.


To Stuart Williams of PARTY ONE for all his support and Trevor Slydell for all his tremendous support over the years, who sadly passed away March 2023.

Matt Healey and Rob Stead from Hampshire County Council for overseeing our grants for encouraging our seniors to socialise after lockdown.

Issy Scott for being best friend and neighbour.


Deborah Dawes,

Elise Sergeant Hayling Herald

Jerry Widdowson Hayling Print



The D'Ukes of Hayling,

Kev Sings Elvis

DJ Roy Slyfield

Chinny's Chair Zumba

Maria's Card Games, Quizzes etc..

Supported by Local MP   Alan Mak


Hayling Island

The Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs are groups of all arms, serving and veterans of Her Majesties Armed Forces and her allies, who meet regularly to break bread together in a safe, social, informal environment, to allow them to ‘return to the tribe’

No subscriptions or fees.  Buy your own breakfast, meet old comrades and new friends, and indulge in some good old military banter.

Our Breakfast Club 

Every Wednesday morning from 09:00-10.30

at our new SENIORS CLUB

Hayling Island Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club

Club contact details

Tel: 02392 46414365 Email

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Veteran logos.png

No one knows what is best for Armed Forces Veterans better than the Veterans themselves!

Everyone talks about service personnel ‘returning’ to civilian life: for the majority this is a misnomer: they are entering civilian life for the FIRST TIME.


The vast majority of new leavers have only ever been to school, or in the Armed Forces. They have no experience of being an adult civilian.  For many, they begin their civilian life at the same level as a school leaver, when it comes to finding their feet in society. It is an alien world with a whole new code of ethics, especially with their military ‘conditioning’ often during late adolescence, and during their entire military career.

No wonder they often find it difficult to fit in.

No wonder they sometimes find it hard to relate to those around them.

No wonder so many feel isolated.

We recognise this in the Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs, and veterans themselves have been starting these clubs all over the UK, and abroad, which gives veterans a renewed feeling of ‘belonging’, which even older veterans feel when they attend.

There are no subs or joining fees. All any veteran or service personnel will ever have to pay for is their own breakfast, and even then, clubs tend to ensure that the cost of breakfast for WWII veterans, and those who are suffering hardship, is taken care of.


We have a few fundamental principles to protect members from any kind of discrimination (based on our National Constitution), but generally, clubs tailor themselves to suit their own demographic. Each club has its own team of admins, and we have a team of ‘National Administrators’ supporting them, providing them with information beneficial to members and clubs.

The National, trademarked logo is designed to give the Armed Forces & Veteran’s Breakfast Clubs organisation a national identity; it signposts the clubs affiliated to the national network with all the benefits that this affords, enabling veterans to locate & identify legitimate ‘Armed Forces & Veteran’s Breakfast Clubs’.

Involvement ends isolation, giving veterans particularly a sense of belonging, which many lost when they left their respective services, and those attending AFVBC’s are stronger together, because they ‘return to the tribe’!

The network is not affiliated to any charities, because veterans should attend without thinking they may be shamed or brow-beaten into standing in a supermarket with a collection bucket, or making donations, and instead AFVBC’s increasingly represent the ‘customer base’ for the 3000+ military charities already in existence.  Military Charities are of course welcome to attend Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs, but not to collect money… to allow them to have tangible access to veterans, often too proud to ask for help, and to spend money!

The Breakfast Clubs proliferated organically at an astonishing rate, and spread into Europe and further. The uptake has been phenomenal, both here and overseas (Germany, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand and more), with an average of more than one a week starting since then.

We have seen first-hand the huge positive impact the Breakfast Clubs are having on the lives of so many veterans and their families. It is truly staggering, and it has driven us to work very hard on them since this began. The mutual support they afford, and the connections they are making, even outside of the clubs is incredible.

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